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Various products of Steel Plate, providing product images and basic parameters with each Steel Plate Weight and Steel Plate; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Steel Plate, and look forward to your cooperation!

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Steel Plate

  Steel plate

Steel plate is widely used in construction and industrial field. Because these plates are very easy to weld, cut,form and machine. According to the difference in manufacture process, there are cold rolling and hot rolling.

steel plate

Thickness, width, length are main size of steel plate. Description shall be Thickness×width×length.

Thickness: 6mm-650mm
        Width: 1500mm-4020mm
        Length: 3000mm-18800mm

sheet metal

Standard include GB, JIS, DIN,ASTM etc.

If the thickness is less than 4mm, it is called steel sheet. There are carbon steel sheets, alloy steel sheets and stainless steel sheets.

plate2metal plate

If you need something special steel plate, we can take advantage of our custom cutting service and get the size and shape you need for your project.